The Alarming Rise Of Garage Fight Clubs

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The Alarming Rise Of Garage Fight Clubs

Fight clubs can be found in almost every hook and corner; the question is are they all legal ones? Its been increasingly noticed that garage fight clubs are ever on the rise and these ones being mostly illegal fights with no admission fees, youngsters are especially attracted to participate as spectators and also as fighters.

Moreover the nature of garage fight clubs are very dangerous. Some of them are very bloody with severe injuries every now and then and unlike legal fights, there are no medics nearby for quick treatments. Fighters have to fend for themselves. No wonder the police are very concerned as some are gang related. Many of these fights are going on in and around the parking garages, usually on Saturday nights after local clubs shuts down. It’s not unusual also to find the heightened spectators high with booze, screaming foul words and urging the fighters to beat their opponents to a pulp. At times like this, the spectators as well as the fighters hardly seem to realize their surroundings, giving everything on the fight as if their life depended on it. As such it’s fatal for some fighters.

Besides authorities are quite worried about these garage fights where drugs and alcohol is rampant, criminals with guns and knives tugged inside their pants freely roaming around. Some of the fights are gang related and often it turns out into major mob fights. During such fights, it’s no more a competitive fight between two opponents but ugly fights of mobs, smashing and destroying any nearby vehicles parked in the garages, mutilating public properties and so on.

Well the garage fight clubs are also a way for some folks wanting to relieve their stress by beating the stuff out of someone else. In fact there is the so called Gentlemen’s Fight Club who gathers in undisclosed garage, and engages in a number of one-minute fights with each other. But yes, unlike those illegal fight clubs of the mobs, these guys uses plastic training knives, cookie sheets, and Hello Kitty toilet seats. Well one really doesn’t know what they get out of it in these garage fights but anyhow they seem to enjoy this!

What these fighters club do is meet in a secret garage, wear masks, gloves, and protective cups and hit one another. Still, in the battles some of the fighters end up bruised, bloodied, and beaten up. It may all be for fun, like the teens meeting in secret locations to have a go, but these fights are dangerous.

There are many fight clubs like this, with fights in garages and abandoned buildings to hang out. These locations suits them well, offers them privacy from public eye as well as it will be tougher for the police forces to respond to anything happening in such a location quickly, since chances for property damage is reduced and most decent citizens will hardly be found hanging around such locations. As such its one great site for these fighters to have some mega fights and these fight clubs are ever on the rise.

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