Stanley 94-248 65-Piece General Homeowner’s Tool Set

Stanley 94-248 65-Piece General Homeowner’s Tool Set

For the homeowner sometimes tackling minor repairs around the house could prove more economical than calling for professionals. To tackle those repairs, it pays to have a reliable tool to use. Enter Stanley 94-248 65-Piece General Homeowner’s Tool Set the dependable tool set for the homeowner.
This 65-piece tool set is designed with the homeowner in mind. It has all the things that one needs to complete any do-it-yourself projects all over the house. The case is made with a blow-molded case that allows for easy storage and allows for great portability. Stanley standards are in place that shows the quality of the tools included in the set. The quality of the tools even exceeds the ANSI specifications. Drive-tools that Stanley makes use and forged from high-quality steel that is designed for optimum performance.
Stanley’s tools are designed with ergonomics in mind. The famous thumb-operated reverse-switch mechanism is a great addition to the tools in the set. The Max-Drive design is also implemented in the tools in this wonderful product which gives improved torque and reduced fastener wear.
The set has a 13-ounce hammer and a 16-foot tape rule with 18mm snap-off knife, one long nose plier, one torpedo level and one slip joint pliers with the standard screwdrivers and eight metric HEX keys among others.
The set is great for general household use and the tool quality makes it top flight. The set can be an alternative for larger sets and has comparative versatility. If you need to have some basic tools, this set has it to complete your quick and simple repairs.
The tool set and its price point is great for just looking for something to use to do some minor repairs inside the home. The level of this set is for those who like to do some DIY but surely not recommended for professional remodelers or contractors.
The ratchet that is included in the tool set is best used for light work. You will be frustrated if you subject it to major repairs in the house, then again what do you expect for a $43 tool set, anyway.
Stanley’s quality and a good choice of tools should be enough to tackle one would need to do small repairs. It is a great starter set for the price point. If you are starting a home this is the set for you.
The box is spacious but takes a lot of space, it would be better to have a small bag to keep the tools and save some space. It would be more convenient that way. There is no problem keeping the tools in a bag because there are not much tools to keep anyway. Also, the box is a bit tricky to open and you would need something to open the latch. A screwdriver would be ideal to pry the box open when you decide to use the tools that you kept inside the box.
Being a great starter set is something you should expect from Stanley. However, most of the pieces in the set is a variation of the same tool. If you want to have a basic set of tools that you can have around then this is for you. It is highly recommended as the starter kit that you can gift your son who is fond of do-it-yourself without sacrificing your own set of tools at the garage. You can also give this as a gift to your wife who likes to do some DIY for the same reasons as above.

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