Solving Your Problems To Find Space For Your Car

If you need some organizational help, here are some tips on how to organize your garage so you can get your car back where it belongs, instead of those boxes and stuff you used 10 years before:

1)Make a specific space for every category. For example, make a special space for lawn tools, Christmas decorations, etc. If necessary, make yourself a sign or note to place in the area. This will prevent other items from being placed in that particular area, and you will know exactly where to go to get what you need.

2)Since garages usually have ceilings, place shelving all along the perimeter of the garage as space allows. Use every inch of shelf space available. Avoid leaving stuff on the floor. You can place note cards or signs on the shelving as well. Shelving is a great way to categorize.

3)Be sure that items you use regularly are in a safe place and easily accessible. For example, make sure young children can easily get their bikes or other toys from the garage without assistance. This will ensure their safety as well as help with independence. (Note: Make sure that small children can reach their toys without having to climb on anything.)

4)“Hazard High”. Make sure all hazardous material is kept well out of the reach of children and animals. The smallest amount of paint thinner or gasoline can be lethal.

5)Move it out. If it can go out, put it out. That extra space under your porch or deck is the perfect spot to hide ladders or lawn mowers. If you prefer, put up some lattice with a hinge on one side to prevent anyone from seeing the items.

6)Hang over. Bins are now available that you can hang from the ceiling! These would be perfect for those once-a-year items like Christmas or Halloween decorations.

7)Buy bins. Sporting equipment always comes with lots of extras. Extra balls. Extra bats. Extra putters. Extra gloves. Make sure to keep everything labeled and separated. (Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose). Organizers are specially made now for certain sports – baseball, golf, etc. for all of the equipment. If space allows, use some of these if necessary.

8)If you find some old cabinets in a yard sale or know someone that is remodeling their kitchen, old cabinets look great in a garage. They are great for storage and allow for a work area.

For smaller items, here are some other helpful hints:

• For really small items that get lost easily, glue any type of glass jar with a screw-on lid to a piece of plywood or shelving unit. Then hang the plywood or shelving, with the lids facing down, from a cabinet or shelf. You could also glue the lids directly to the bottoms of the cabinets or shelving already available. By using clear glass jars, you can easily see what’s in them, and simply unscrew the jar when you need a particular item. You can take a single item or take the whole jar. When you’re finished, simply screw the jar back onto the lid.

• Small plastic bins labeled and placed on shelves makes locating screwdrivers and wrenches a breeze.

• Pegboard placed vertically on the wall will allow you to hang any of your tools in an easily identifiable place. By outlining each item, you will be able to tell at first glance if an item is missing.

It is very important that you remember to reorganize every so often. Items tend to get misplaced relatively easily.

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