Reception Halls

The location of your reception will greatly influence the success of it. There are often plenty of reception halls for you to choose from though. Various organizations around town offer theirs when they don’t need them as a way to generate income. Many Churches offer their locations as well for receptions. Take an inventory of what you will need access to so you can find the right one.

Will you need to access a kitchen area? Are there plenty of tables and chairs offered for you to use? Do you like the way the reception hall looks and is laid out? If you aren’t happy with the look of it from the start there is a good chance you won’t enjoy using it for your reception.

Find out how much the reception hall is going to cost you to use. You will find the prices are very different based on where you look. Many of them will require a security deposit as well. In most cases you will have to pay for the reception hall in advance so that no one else can book it. Ask for a receipt as well to show you have taken care of it.

The security deposit will be refunded after you have cleaned up from the event and the hall has been inspected. Generally they just expect you to put away the tables and chairs, take down your decorations, and then sweep and mop the floors. Should this not be done they will use your security deposit to take care of the expense of having it done.

You definitely want to find out when you can come in and decorate as well. Most reception halls will be flexible but it there are other events before yours it can be hard. During peak times of the year such as graduation and Christmas most reception halls are booked fast. You need to make your plans early to help ensure you can actually get the facility you want for the event.

Even though you will have to pay to use a reception hall, you can be sure it will be worth it. You will have all the room you need for the event, access to a cooking area, room to display food, a dance floor, and an event that people will be very happy that they attended.

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