RCA televisions

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RCA televisions

RCA credits much of their success in the television industry through the historic meeting between RCA’s David Sarnoff and one of the pillars in the invention of the television system, Vladimir Zworykin in the 1920’s. A decade and $50 million after that, at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City, Sarnoff introduced the television to thousands of people who were curious at their first glimpse of the device that produces not just images but sounds as well.

Between 1946-1950, researchers at the RCA laboratories subsequently continued in the efforts to develop the television into a device that can produce colored pictures, which did materialize and went on commercial broadcast on December 19, 1953 under the authorization of the FCC. Although production of consumer television came to a halt during World War II, RCA did not cease in developing other technologies that evolved around war devices and facilities utilized by the U.S. forces like mine detectors, sound equipment, sonar equipment, etc.

Being one of the most trusted brands in the television industry, RCA offers a range of television systems that fit anyone’s budget, needs, and lifestyle. Select from RCA televisions for the family room, home theater, bedroom, and kitchen.

RCA televisions for the family room
Choosing a TV set depends largely on the size of a room. RCA’s televisions for the family room come in varied designs and screen sizes ranging from the regular 20″ true flat televisions to 61″ wide screen high-resolution televisions. The 20F502TDV model features a 4-head stereo Hi-Fi VHS and can play DVD discs, audio CDs, CDR Plus mp3, JPEG, and WMA files. The biggest of RCA televisions is the 61″ R61WH76 with a built-in HDTV tuner that allows access to high definition programming. Retail price is $1499.00.

RCA televisions for home theater
The technology used in RCA televisions allows you to enjoy watching your favorite games over a quality home theater system. Home theater televisions range from 32″ diagonal digital stereo SDTV to 61″ diagonal RCA HDTV Projection Television. The 32″ model features a built-in digital/QAM Tuner to enable viewers to have access to digital programming whether off the air or on cable. It also features a comb filter to create crystal clear pictures. Moreover, viewers can select between 16:9 or 4:3 programming through the Picture Format Control Displays.

RCA televisions for the bedroom
RCA creates the concept that the bedroom is not just a place to doze off. RCA has available televisions designed for the bedroom like the 14″ diagonal RCA true flat television equipped with a sleep timer; or go widescreen with the P42WHD35 model with a 42″ screen Plasma HDTV. Similarly, this RCA plasma television requires an external tuner to be able to reproduce broadcast signals. For the kitchen, RCA televisions recommend screen sizes between 14″ to 20″.

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