My living room looked very practical, but kind of dull

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My living room looked very practical, but kind of dull

Everyone has seen lava lamps on That 70’s Show or in various movies meant to look like they take place in the 70’s. Basically, lave motion lamps work by convection. There is a blob of colored liquid that is a little bit heavier than the surrounding water at rest. Because of this, it sits on the bottom of the lava lamp. When the light heats it up enough, it starts to move to the top. Once it gets there, however, it cools down and floats back to the bottom again.

While there’s nothing all that impressive about lava lamps, they do really help to set the mood. I was surprised when I first installed it. I thought that it was a cheap decorative idea to try. At less than 20 dollars, the price was definitely right, and I figured that if I didn’t like it I could always get rid of it. It turns out that it really created just the right touch. A neon lamp might have been too much, and I certainly didn’t want anything that said party too loudly in my living room, but the lava lamp looked sedate, mellow, and comfortable enough that it seemed appropriate both for business and party.

Of course, after I got that lava light, I was tempted to put in some other similar decor as well. I resisted the temptation to buy blacklight posters, but I did something that seemed bright and glowing. I have this wall hanging tapestry done in very bright colors that I’ve been saving for a while. It was in my closet because I did not know where to put it. Once I had that lava lamp there, however, I had to hang it up beside it. They matched each other perfectly. All in all, the living room is starting to come together. It looks a lot better than it used to, thanks largely in part to the lava lamp.

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