Ideas For Using Kitchen Rugs

Ideas For Using Kitchen Rugs

Area rugs are a handy way to change the appearance of a room, hiding a wear spot, or providing comfort for tired feet. In the kitchen rugs are often used to finish a decor style and add a little pizzazz to the room.
The kitchen is one room in the house that often has a decor style. Country, Contemporary, Modernistic, or a host of other styles. And for every style there is a kitchen rug that will complete your look and style. Here are some ideas for using kitchen rugs in your kitchen.
Sink Area
The sink area is a popular choice for placing a kitchen rug. It adds comfort to ones feet while doing tasks at the sink and the sink area is usually visible so it also adds the kitchen decor. You can choose between oval or rectangular rugs and various sizes depending on the size of the area you are wanting to cover.
If you have a themed kitchen the sink area is a perfect spot to place a themed kitchen rug. Have you got a cow kitchen? Buy a Moo Cow rug. Is your kitchen a country kitchen? Why not try a cheery colored kitchen rug with chickens or roosters. Do you have a trendy contemporary kitchen done in stainless steel? Why not choose a bold black and white kitchen rug.
Table Area
Placing a large kitchen rug underneath your table will make your eating area a focal point. The type of table you have and the decor in your kitchen will play a large role in deciding what type of kitchen rug would look best.
A Swedish style or Ikea style kitchen would look fabulous with a black and white, or black or white kitchen rug. Nice and plush and the shape of the table. Country kitchens are always fun and lively so you could choose a kitchen rug that was a solid color in the center and had an outer band that carried your kitchen theme. Of course the center color should accent your kitchen colors. Themed kitchen such as cows or chickens you could carry your theme in the center of the rug and then have a solid exterior border.
Many kitchens have a door from the outside that enters into the kitchen. This is a perfect place for a kitchen rug. It will get noticed when you enter into the house and it can easily be tied to your kitchen colors or theme. A kitchen entrance rug does not have to be overly large but it should cover enough area so that guests step onto the mat when entering your home. Not only will it look good, it will save on tracking dirt and mud through the house, and it will keep dirt trapped at the door. It’s also a good place to remove shoes before entering the house.
Your entrance rug can depict an animal, a scene, a solid color, or a pattern. It can have a welcome message or have no writing at all. A popular decor practice is to have the mat coming in read welcome or something similar and a matching mat on the outside that reads come again or see you next time. It provides a message for your guests as they arrive and leave and it’s very warm and inviting.
Kitchen rugs are available in a variety of sizes so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right size of your entrance. If you have a large entrance you might consider an oval rug. For smaller areas the rectangular shape works great.
Of course a kitchen has an area for the table but many kitchens also have a breakfast nook or something similar with high bar stool style chairs and a long counter area for those quick meals when you are on the move. Runners make a great accent around a nook. You can place a runner on just one side or on both sides. How long and how wide the runner is will depend on the nook area size. The runners will also catch food spills and crumbs, so make sure the runner you choose is easy to vacuum and wash or at least stain resistant. Stick you’re kitchen theme and if the area is large and very open use bold runners that make the nook area a focal point.
The kitchen can be the most fun room to decorate. There are so many themes to choose from and you can mix and match as you will to accomplish that warm and inviting kitchen. Using kitchen rugs is a great way to add those finishing details and keep your kitchen floor in pristine condition. So why not give kitchen rugs a try?

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