Getting Paid Off Collecting Jeep Parts

There’s nothing worse than deciding to try a new brand of product and finding that they just aren’t as good as your usual one. It’s worth the try sometimes to quantify just how good a product really is, because after using or having the same thing for a long period of time you can lose the appreciation of the item.

Just like fashion, it’s also amusing to see trends come and go. And then there are the times where the hardcore fan will tell you that they knew the product was cool all that time. I have a brother that is one of those very loyal nothing else will do fans. Particularly when it comes to Jeeps.

It’s not until you see someone who is really into them that you notice just how much paraphernalia can be associated with one vehicle. Strangely enough, it’s not just what the individual collects; it’s all the things that get given to him because people know how much he loves them. Unfortunately for him, his wife just doesn’t see the same appeal in all the things he has collected over the years. You see while jeep stuff might be appealing for a guy it doesn’t really give a house that homely feeling. There is only so many ways of decorating with posters, stickers, cups, key chains and t-shirts.

Several years of accumulating jeep stuff has resulted in many boxes being stored in the garage and not so much being displayed. There would be no question as to the final resting place of all this stuff once the garage got packed.

Funny then how a change of outlook can make the worthless suddenly seem valuable. You see my brothers’ wife was bidding on some items online when she happened to come across some items that looked remarkably like the ones stored in her garage. On closer inspection she found that the items were indeed the same and to her utter surprise the bidding was strong and the items turned out to be quite valuable.

Needless to say that when she had finished looking on the internet she went straight to the garage and started sorting out the items in the boxes. With a new appreciation of the value of the object she had decided that perhaps she had overreacted in her need to have the items packed away.

When I go to my brothers’ house now there are displays where the older jeep objects are kept. Although they have not been given prime positioning in major living and entertaining rooms they take pride of place in the office.

While I wouldn’t claim that there has been a conversion to the jeep faithful, it is not uncommon now to see my sister-in-law actually making use of the jeep mugs for her tea. Whether she does it because she really values the pieces or whether it’s out of respect for my brother no one really cares.

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