Garage Sale Pricing – Strategies For Easily Pricing Garage Sale Items To Sell

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Garage Sale Pricing – Strategies For Easily Pricing Garage Sale Items To Sell

How to price garage sale items is always a source of concern. If your pricing is too high, then the stuff won’t sell, pricing that is low means poor profits. What you want is a nice balance so that you will get the most money for your garage sale items, and leave you with a cleaner house too.

The purpose of this article is to give you a couple of quick ideas that will help you determine good garage sale pricing levels so your items will sell and produce the best possible profits.

The biggest challenge you will need to face is the challenge of ‘pricing from the heart’. Some items are useless to you, but useful (valuable) to others. And of course some things that you value may be absolutely worthless to anyone else on the planet.

The easiest garage sale pricing tip we can give is to use color-coding. Choose several different coloured stickers (or tags) and then give each colour a price. At the sale, in plain view, post a large sign with the price scale for each colour of sticker you use. Then, simply mark all of your items with coloured stickers. This is one of the fastest and easiest garage sale pricing techniques around.

Be sure to have a smaller version of the price key at the cashier’s table – this garage sale pricing tip will make your life much easier. The color-coded method as a garage sale pricing tip works really well if you are having a two-day garage sale and you advertise that you will be reducing prices on the second day. Then, instead of changing the price on every single item, you can simply post a new sign or make changes on the one you have up already.

Pricing the stuff you want to sell at your garage sale does not need to be a stressful event. Just think about how much you’d be willing to pay for that item if it were used and had no special meaning to you. If you do that, you’ll be in the right ballpark and will have much better success at selling all your stuff.

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