Don’t Treat Your Ebay Selling Like A Garage Sale

What’s the difference between a garage sale and auction sites such as eBay or Bid4Assets? Both let you sell the items that have been hanging around your attic. The big difference is that a garage sale can net you about $50 to $100 – enough for a new sweater. Online auction sites have allowed more than 724,000 people to retire from their jobs and have even made some multi-millionaires. EBay selling lets you use online tools to make real profit – profit that could let you buy the home of your dreams, profit that could let you retire wealthy, profit that could let you live a life of incredible affluence.

Since the two are so different, why would you ever treat eBay selling the way you treat a garage sale? After all, with the right approach, eBay can not only help you take care of the extra junk in your home, but it could help you become wealthy by helping you make money around the clock. Adam Ginsberg, one of the world’s top eBay experts – best-selling author – usually charges companies $500 an hour for his consulting services. But, at he offers some of his best tips for taking control of your eBay selling and to take your income to the next level:

1) Specialize. When you hold a yard sale, you simply throw all your junk out into the front yard — no wonder you only make $50. With eBay selling, you can become an expert in a specific area and specialize in one type of product. This does not limit you to selling only one type of product, but it does mean that when buyers are looking for something specific, your name is at the top of their minds. You can become a specialist by repeatedly selling the same thing or by becoming an expert, using online articles or a web site to promote yourself in a specific field. Whether you want to be known as “The wireless router lady” or “The office supplies guy” becoming known for one thing means more money.

2) Market smart. The Internet has lots of tools for making more money and for marketing. Be sure to advertise and market smart, so that buyers know where to find you.

3) Establish yourself. Use an online web site, web site traffic, and multiple sales to establish yourself as a seller that can be trusted. Buyers simply will not buy as much from someone who has little feedback.

4) Think multiple income streams — not money per product. In a garage sale, your aunt Irma’s favourite candy dish may go for five dollars, but on eBay you cannot think in terms of money per product. Instead, use Google Adsense, affiliates, eBay sales, and web sites to create multiple streams of income that keep money coming in — even while you sleep.

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