Comparing Email and Web HTML Survey Tools

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Comparing Email and Web HTML Survey Tools

As a number of developments were made in the field of online marketing research, more and more online survey tools came to emerged, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. With this phenomenon, the researchers then are now less constrained by the problems of the medium and can once again pay much attention to the much higher value added functions of the survey tools, that is, for research design as well as analysis of the survey results.

Below is a comparison of two major survey tools that are commonly used by most individuals and organizations anywhere in the world today. Just understand that these survey tools are noted here for their being the most commonly preferred survey tools these days.

Email (Text)

One of the traditional survey tools that are employed for conducting surveys online or even over a certain company’s internal system is the text-based email survey. Being simply text-based form of surveys, these survey tools can be generally thought as a new form of online paper and pencil surveys. With these survey tools, the questions can then be seen by the target respondent at once. Another thing about this form of survey tools is the fact the respondents has the freedom to change their former answers at any point in the survey which can in fact alter the wording of the survey questions so to reflect what they feel is a much better question. Perhaps, one of the strengths of these survey tools is its easy, cheap, and very quick to complete. In fact, almost anyone can perform email surveys with little or no formal training at all. And, in some instances, you’ve seen email surveys that are completed and returned within just 12 minutes of the initial sending.


Outside from email, there is also the Web HTML, which is one of the most commonly used survey tools these days. It is noted that about 80 percent if the all survey data veing gathered online is being completed employing these survey tools. In fact, almost anyone who has come to register at a particular site on the web might be familiar with these survey tools. Well basically, these tools take the form of long single page on which the respondent has the authority to click buttons and boxes or fills in text boxes, and submit data to the management, all at once. However, unlike emails, the web HTML requires you to have an additional programming skill so for you to capture the date upon its submission. This then takes much time and expertise than the first mentioned survey tools.

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