Clearance duvet covers give your bedroom a new look for each season

Interior decorating can be an expensive proposition. We all want our homes to look nice, but we must also think of our pocketbooks. The bedroom is one room that you spend a lot of time in, so it’s fun to have a new look more than once every few years. One way to spruce up the bedroom is with a change of your bed linens and window treatments. With one quality duvet, an array of clearance duvet covers and a few pillows and accent pieces, you can have a whole new room in which to retire, season by season.

Bed and bath type shops carry such an extensive line of products, they need to be constantly updating their inventory. Duvet covers are very popular items and new designs and fashion trends make it necessary to move out the older inventory to make room for the new introductions. Textile designs, trims, fabrics and fashion trends are constantly in flux. Unless you’re an interior designer or textile designer, last year’s look cannot be distinguished from this year’s. After all, to us, they’re all lovely. The clearance duvet covers can save you tons of money and keep you on the cutting edge of bedroom fashion.

Duvet covers are easily laundered and changed, so transforming your room can be virtually as simple as changing the sheets. Make sure the duvet you purchase as the underpinning for your bed covering theme is of the highest quality. Duvet covers are the equivalent of a bed sheet. When you shop the clearance duvet covers, keep an eye on the quality of the materials, but you can’t go wrong when you change them frequently. They don’t have a chance to wear out!

Clearance duvet covers often are accompanied by matching shams and dust ruffles. Sometimes these are offered as a package, so watch for these.

Lots of fluffy pillows, topped high at the head of the bed, add romance and can be somewhat generic in a four-season scheme. For example, a couple of lacy pillows can span all four seasons. A couple of square velvet pillows can do the same. Just pick out a color that blends well with a few of your clearance duvet covers. That rose red pillow is as good in spring as in winter, depending on the predominate or accent colors in the rest of your bed linens.

Window treatments can be universal, as in the case of levelors. A simple beige will go with almost any color scheme. If you want to make a real distinction of seasons or mood, switch off with a heavy velvet curtain for winter and a fanciful floral for spring.

There’s no question. Clearance duvet covers open up a whole new world of themes for your bedroom. Shop those sales and relax in your own dreamy refuge, all on sale but luxuriously so.

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