Choosing Shower Hardware

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Choosing Shower Hardware

Glass shower doors are a popular trend for all types of bathrooms. Shower doors are versatile enough to fit small or large bathrooms, and coordinate with any style of design. The hardware on shower doors can be order to coordinate with preexisting and even custom bathroom hardware. There are many options, and several key pieces that are necessary for every shower.

Shower Head and Faucet. Shower hardware makers have come a long way to develop incredible shower heads and elegant faucets. Go simple, with a standard shower head, step up with a hand massage unit, or go high end with a wall mount massager with six pivoting shower heads. The type of faucet and shower head hardware chosen is completely up to the buyer, and can be purchased within any budget range.

Towel Racks. Towel Racks come included with some shower door enclosure like Centec. With some brands however, the buyer has the option to choose their towel rack. They come in a variety of finishes to coordinate with existing hardware. They are also available in a number of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, depending on the style of the bathroom décor.

Handles and Hinges. Handles and hinges are integral components of any shower door enclosure. They also, are available in a number of finishes and colors to coordinate with the other components. Hinges help hold glass panels to walls, as well as allowing the door to pivot. Buyer may choose knobs or handles for the shower door. While handles typically come in a brass or aluminum finish, knobs can come in glass as well. There are many designs available for handles and knobs that will best suit the shower door.

Choosing hardware is so easy with all the available options. Matching and coordinating with existing hardware and décor is easy. When purchasing a shower door, your consultant will be able to help you find the right hardware to create the shower door enclosure of your dreams.

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