Chic Wedding Flowers And Decorations

Creating a romantic and comfortable setting for your guests is as important as your vows. Most of your guests are people that you love and admire, so you want to show gratitude for their presence with a lovely time.

Flowers that can go anywhere

In the first stages of planning a wedding, you may be concerned about where you need flowers. And this is a good question to ask.

So let’s start with the itinerary for most wedding days and you can determine what applies to you. Most of the wedding days start with the bride and bridesmaids going off to the salon for beauty time while the groom and his groomsmen enjoy a more lax day.

At this point, the flowers should be arriving to decorate the chapel or the church where you two will be married. Flowers can be placed on the pews or alongside the seats, in vases at the altar, and at the entryway. These will need to be larger arrangements as determined by the size of the church. If you have too small of flowers, no one will be able to see them.

During the ceremony, you will need bouquets for each of the bridesmaids, as well as the bride. Small corsages are nice for the mothers of the couple, as well as grandmothers. Next in line are the boutonnières for the groom and his groomsmen, as well as fathers and grandfathers.

The reception hall can be lined with flowers as well—on tables and around buffet areas or appetizer arrangements.

Decorating in nature

Most wedding use flowers as the mainstay of their decoration plan, but what if you are looking to be outside for your vows? Are flowers necessary then?

In many cases, a beautiful setting has no need for extraneous flowers or ornamentation. Of course, the wedding party will still need something to carry, but it’s really much simpler this way.

In terms of other decorations that are well-liked, candles are the next most popular things at receptions and wedding ceremonies. Pick a color that complements the other used colors, and then light multiple candles (safely please). The overall effect is breathtaking.

When decorating your wedding and you reception, you can use anything that suits you. Flowers and candles seem to be the most popular, but don’t feel that you need to have them. Some receptions are now incorporating rock gardens and small water fountains into the design.

So however you want to decorate is up to you.

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