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Buy Momeni Rugs For Great Selection

We’ve all hear about Momeni Rugs. There is no question that they are beautiful and that they provide excellent choices but so do many other manufacturers. Momeni has a reputation for quality and great choices in rugs for home decor and exceptional Persian rugs. So why buy Momeni Rugs? Well because of their great selection! Check out their 10 main lines.
1. Comfort Shag
Flash back to the 1970s. The comfort shag is a fun carpet just waiting for that retro room. Deep rich color, soft acrylic finish, ready to complete your home decor.
2. Concord Collection
Wow! Gorgeous is the only way to describe the rugs from the Concord collection. A combination of silk and fine wool, and a this collection is hand knotted. You don’t see that very often. From China this collection offers a wonderful mix of Persian florals set on a neutral background. A perfect addition to a traditional or Victorian decor.
3. Agra Collection
The Agra collection is hand tufted in India using New Zealand wool. The rugs have the traditional Persian heriz and tribal patterns done in rich warm colors. A perfect choice for a living room or family room.
4. Bali Collection
These jute rugs with their traditional tropical designs and natural tones are a perfect fit for a modern or rustic venue. They have a character all to themselves and they are an excellent addition to a Bali or Oriental decor. They make wonderful accent pieces drawing attention to their beauty but not overpowering the room.
5. Classic Collection
Just as the name suggests this is a collection of elegant traditional Persian rugs which will add elegance to any room. They are 100% wool with silk done in rich vibrant tones. A perfect choice for a traditional living room or bedroom.
6. Chinois Collection
Flowers anyone? The Chinois collection is based on contemporary European styles with a captivating chintz pattern done in contemporary colors. This Chinois collection will add warmth and elegance to any room.
7. Camelot Collection
If any of you are familiar with Peshawar rugs this is where the Camelot collection gets its inspiration from. Muted tones with antique designs, and made from 100% twisted wool yarn. A perfect choice for a home decor that is focused on days gone by. It would be an excellent choice for a Victorian decor!
8. Cardigan Collection
This collection earns its name for its warm and inviting appearance. Made from 100% wool it’s a cozy addition to any room. It’s a great choice for a heavy traffic area such as a family room. It’s also the perfect choice for in front of a hearth.
9. Chambord Collection
This is a collection of Aubusson-Soumaks which its beautiful designs and rich colors, and made from 100% wool, that has been hand knotted. Chambord is based on the ancient empires in Europe and the Middle East as well as architectural structures in the area. A true work of art this collection makes an excellent choice for a formal dining room or living room.
10. Cashmere Collection
Cashmere is a term we are all familiar with for its beauty. The Cashmere collection is no different. The exquisite Persian designs with intricate florals and modern colors makes this collection a perfect choice for a contemporary room that needs a little depth.
This is only 10 of the many lines offered by Momeni rugs. There is no question that they will have a perfect rug for your decor. Buy Momeni rugs for great selection!

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